Wilbur-Creston vs Liberty Bell Championship Live HS Football on December 01, 2023

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The much-anticipated high school football game between Wilbur-Creston-Keller Wildcats and Liberty Bell Mountain Lions was a thrilling spectacle that showcased the prowess of both teams.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the game, including the background of both teams, the run-up to the game, match highlights, key players and performance analysis, the aftermath, and the larger significance of the game.

Background: Wilbur-Creston High School Football Team

The Wilbur-Creston-Keller Wildcats have had an impressive season, with a series of victories against various high schools, including Mossyrock, Naselle, Curlew, Wellpinit, Almira-Coulee-Hartline, Mary Walker, and Inchelium. Their performance has been consistently strong, with the team remaining undefeated after 12 games.

Background: Liberty Bell High School Football Team

The Liberty Bell Mountain Lions have also had a remarkable season, with victories against Wellpinit, Republic, Moses Lake Christian Academy/Covenant Christian, Chewelah, DeSales, Almira-Coulee-Hartline, Brewster, and Neah Bay. The team has not lost a game at home this season, leaving them with a 9-0 record.

The Run-up to the Game

The game between the Wildcats and the Mountain Lions was highly anticipated, with both teams entering the game on the heels of big victories. The last time these teams played against each other was in October of 2019, where Liberty Bell came out on top in a nail-biter, sneaking past 36-34.

Match Highlights

Unfortunately, the search results do not provide specific highlights from the game. However, the game can be watched on YouTube.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

Key players in the game included Lucien Paz from Liberty Bell, who threw for 374 yards and five touchdowns while completing 71.4% of his passes, and also rushed for 131 yards and two touchdowns on only 12 carries. Another standout player was Remington Paz, who gained 282 total yards and four touchdowns. From Wilbur-Creston-Keller, Brayden Seylor was a significant obstacle, picking up 192 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

The Aftermath

The search results do not provide specific details about the aftermath of the game. However, both teams have had strong seasons and have demonstrated their skills and abilities on the field.

The Larger Significance

The game between Wilbur-Creston-Keller and Liberty Bell was significant as it pitted two undefeated teams against each other, both of which have had impressive seasons. The game was a testament to the talent and skill present in high school football, and it provided an exciting and competitive spectacle for all who watched.


The game between Wilbur-Creston-Keller and Liberty Bell was a thrilling event that showcased the best of high school football. Both teams demonstrated their prowess on the field, making it a game to remember.


Unfortunately, the search results do not provide specific FAQs related to the game. However, for more information about the teams and their seasons, you can visit


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