Why Central Catholic (Toledo) is the Best in Ohio High School Football

Central Catholic (Toledo) has been a powerhouse in Ohio High School Football for years, and their record speaks for itself. From their incredible coaching staff to their talented players, the Central Catholic (Toledo) program has consistently proven to be one of the best in Ohio High School Football. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the reasons why Central Catholic (Toledo) is the best in Ohio High School Football.


Central Catholic (Toledo) has a proud history in Ohio high school football. Founded in 1923, Central Catholic was the first Catholic high school to field a varsity boys football team in the state. Known as the Fighting Irish, Central Catholic’s varsity boys football team has built a long-standing tradition of excellence. The team has gone on to win numerous conference, district, and state championships over the years. Central Catholic’s teams have made seven appearances in the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division I State Championship, winning four of those titles in 1984, 1994, 2004 and 2016. Central Catholic is undoubtedly one of the most successful high school football programs in the entire state.


Central Catholic (Toledo) is known for its long-standing tradition of success in varsity boys football. The Central Catholic Fighting Irish have been one of the most dominant teams in Ohio High School Football for over a century. The team has won a remarkable 14 state championships and has produced some of the top athletes in the state of Ohio.
The school also prides itself on its long-standing culture, which includes a strong emphasis on family and community involvement. There is an unspoken bond between the players, coaches, and alumni that is rarely seen among other schools. This sense of unity and commitment to excellence is evident in the Central Catholic Fighting Irish’s record of success.
The school has also produced an impressive number of college football players over the years. Many of these athletes have gone on to become NFL stars and even Hall of Famers. In addition, Central Catholic’s alumni include a number of current and former NFL players, coaches, and executives. This speaks to the quality of the program and its long history of producing some of the best talent in the state.


The Central Catholic Fighting Irish Varsity Boys Football team is a source of pride and camaraderie for the greater Toledo community. Not only do their football games bring in a large crowd from all around the city, but the players also serve as ambassadors for Central Catholic (Toledo). From volunteer work to mentoring students at local schools, the members of the Central Catholic football team have given back to the Toledo area for generations.
In addition to volunteering in the community, Central Catholic players also find ways to promote positivity and unity among their peers. Through mentorship programs and special events, the team has been able to help young athletes develop both on and off the field. With support from local businesses and organizations, Central Catholic has been able to become a major source of pride in Toledo.
Central Catholic Football has truly been a symbol of excellence in Ohio high school football. As they continue to build upon their success in the future, the Toledo community can rest assured that their beloved Fighting Irish are here to stay.


When it comes to facilities, Central Catholic (Toledo) is second to none. The Fighting Irish Varsity Boys Football team enjoys a state-of-the-art stadium with luxurious seating, a jumbotron, and all the amenities necessary for a top-notch home field experience. The entire facility is well-maintained and updated frequently to ensure a safe and enjoyable game day experience. Beyond the stadium, Central Catholic has a high-tech weight room and practice facility, as well as newly renovated locker rooms. This allows their players to stay at the top of their game, year after year.


The Central Catholic Fighting Irish Varsity Boys Football program is fortunate to have an experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff lead by Head Coach Greg Dempsey. Coach Dempsey has been at the helm for the last nine seasons, providing guidance, discipline and instruction to the student-athletes at Central Catholic (Toledo). His passion and dedication to the program can be seen in the continued success the team has enjoyed over the years.
Coach Dempsey is supported by an equally experienced and dedicated coaching staff, many of whom have been with Central Catholic Football for many years. The assistant coaches are committed to providing their players with the best possible coaching experience, from teaching fundamentals to strategy and game-planning. They understand the importance of building relationships with their players and fostering an environment of growth and development.
The coaches at Central Catholic (Toledo) take great pride in their commitment to excellence on and off the field, teaching their players that being a successful student-athlete is about more than just football. They believe in creating an atmosphere of respect, integrity and hard work, instilling values that will serve their players well into adulthood. The coaches strive to make sure each player reaches his or her full potential, both on and off the field.
Central Catholic (Toledo) is fortunate to have an outstanding coaching staff that is committed to helping its student-athletes succeed both in athletics and in life. The commitment to excellence, combined with the dedication of the coaches, is why Central Catholic continues to be one of the best high school football programs in Ohio.


The support for Central Catholic (Toledo) and their Varsity Boys Football team is like no other. The Fighting Irish have been a part of the Toledo community since 1924, and since then the community has come out in full force to show their support. Every home game is packed with students, alumni, parents and community members who come out to cheer on their team. The school also organizes tailgating events for the students, alumni and parents before every game. It’s not just the school and community that shows support for Central Catholic, but the city of Toledo has declared every Friday night of football season to be Central Catholic Day. This gesture of support from the city further emphasizes how much of a part Central Catholic plays in the community. With such strong and dedicated support, it’s no wonder why Central Catholic is the best in Ohio high school football.


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