UIL Football Playoffs | Sunray vs Albany Live on December 7, 2023

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The UIL Football Playoffs have been a thrilling spectacle this season, with teams from across the state showcasing their skills and determination. One of the most anticipated matchups is the game between Sunray High School and Albany High School.

Both teams have had impressive seasons, and their clash promises to be a memorable one.

This article will delve into the background of both teams, the run-up to the game, match highlights, key players, and the aftermath of the game.

Background: Sunray High School Football Team

Sunray High School’s football team, the Bobcats, have had a remarkable season, defying expectations and making it to the regional finals for the first time in their history.

With a record of 12-2, they have shown resilience and determination, pulling off significant victories against formidable opponents. Their journey to the state semifinals has been led by their star quarterback, Armando Lujan, who has been instrumental in their success.


The Bobcats have had a series of impressive victories this season. They defeated the Clarendon Broncos with a resounding 67-6 victory, showcasing their dominance on both sides of the ball. They also handed New Home its first loss of the season in the second round of the playoffs with a score of 28-7. These victories have propelled them to the state semifinals for the first time in over 15 years.

Background: Albany High School Football Team

The Albany High School football team, the Lions, have had an equally impressive season. They are the defending state champions and have won 26 consecutive games dating back to last season. Despite facing some challenges with key players sitting out due to injuries, the Lions have shown their strength and resilience, maintaining their winning streak.


The Lions have had a strong season, with a perfect record of 14-0. They have faced and overcome potent passing attacks, demonstrating their defensive prowess. Their most notable victory was against Collinsville, where they triumphed with a score of 52-14.

The Run-up to the Game

The game between Sunray and Albany was highly anticipated, with both teams having had impressive runs in the season. Sunray, with their star quarterback Armando Lujan, were looking to continue their surprising run. On the other hand, Albany, the defending state champions, were aiming to extend their winning streak and defend their title.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

Armando Lujan, the quarterback for Sunray, has been a standout player this season. He has completed 267-of-407 passes for 4,007 yards and 60 touchdowns, while also being second on the team with 968 yards and 20 touchdowns on 87 carries. In the quarterfinal victory over Clarendon, Lujan finished with eight touchdowns, leading the team to the state semifinals.

For Albany, the entire team has shown remarkable resilience and strength, winning 26 consecutive games dating back to last season. Specific standout players are not mentioned in the search results.

The Larger Significance

The game between Sunray and Albany holds significant importance. For Sunray, reaching the state semifinals for the first time in over 15 years is a testament to their growth and improvement. For Albany, the game represents an opportunity to defend their state championship and extend their impressive winning streak.


The UIL Football Playoff game between Sunray and Albany was a showcase of talent, resilience, and determination. Both teams have had impressive seasons, and their matchup was a highlight of the playoffs. While the specific outcome of the game is not provided in the search results, the journey of both teams to this point is a testament to their hard work and dedication to the sport.


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