PIAA 2A Football Semifinals | Beaver Falls  vs Westinghouse Live on December 1, 2023

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The PIAA 2A Football Semifinals are a highly anticipated event in the high school football calendar. This year, the spotlight is on the match between Beaver Falls High School and Westinghouse High School.

Both teams have a rich history and have shown remarkable performance throughout the season, making this game a must-watch for football enthusiasts.

Background: Beaver Falls High School Football Team

Beaver Falls High School has a storied football program, with a history spanning over 113 years. The team has had several undefeated seasons, with the most notable ones being in 1904, 1928, 1945, 1960, 1961, and 1984. The 2016 team holds the record for the most wins in a season, with 13 victories.

The team’s performance in 1960 was particularly noteworthy, as it was led by the legendary Joe Namath, who helped the team achieve a perfect record and win the WPIAL AA championship.

Background: Westinghouse High School Football Team

Westinghouse High School, also known as “The House,” has a long and illustrious history as a football power. The team has consistently shown strong performance across different decades, with notable records in the 1940s and 1950s. The 1951 squad, under Coach Pete Dimperio, is considered one of the best Westinghouse teams, having dominated the City.

The Run-up to the Game

The semifinal game between Beaver Falls and Westinghouse is set to take place at West Allegheny. Beaver Falls enters the game with a 9-5 record, while Westinghouse boasts an undefeated 12-0 record. This game marks a significant milestone for both teams, as they vie for a spot in the state championship.

Match Highlights

(As the match has not yet occurred, this section will be updated with the highlights after the game.)

Key Players and Performance Analysis

(As the match has not yet occurred, this section will be updated with the key players and performance analysis after the game.)

The Aftermath

(As the match has not yet occurred, this section will be updated with the aftermath after the game.)

The Larger Significance

The PIAA 2A Football Semifinals are not just about winning a game; they represent the culmination of hard work, dedication, and teamwork. For the players, it’s an opportunity to showcase their skills on a larger stage. For the schools, it’s a chance to add another chapter to their rich football history.


The PIAA 2A Football Semifinals between Beaver Falls and Westinghouse promises to be an exciting match. With both teams bringing their unique strengths and rich history to the field, football fans are in for a treat.


(As the match has not yet occurred, this section will be updated with the FAQs after the game.)


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