Ohio Metros Columbus High School Football Rankings

Top 25 Ohio Metros Columbus High School Football Rankings News In (OH) 22-2023

The Top Ohio Metros high school football Columbus Rankings are closely watched by fans, coaches, and players alike. Each week, the Columbus Rankings are updated based on the performance of the teams and their wins and losses. The latest update shows some significant changes in the Top 25 Ohio Metros High School Football Columbus Rankings.

Ohio Metros high school football is highly competitive, with talented athletes and teams throughout the state. Each week, the Ohio High School Athletic Association releases Columbus Rankings of the top 25 high school football teams in the state. These Columbus Rankings take into account each team’s record, strength of schedule, and performance against other top teams in the state.
The Columbus Rankings are updated every week during the high school football season, reflecting the changing landscape of the sport and highlighting standout performances from individual players and teams.

As of [June 8, 2023], the top five teams in the Ohio Metros High School Football Columbus Rankings are [Lincoln (Gahanna), New Albany, West Holmes (Millersburg), Olentangy Liberty (Powell), Upper Arlington (Columbus)]. These teams have all had strong performances so far this season, and they will likely continue to be top contenders as the season progresses.

Outside of the top five, there are many other talented teams in the Columbus Rankings, each vying for a shot at the state championship. These teams represent the best of high school football in Ohio, and they are sure to provide fans with exciting games throughout the season. Stay tuned for updates to the Ohio Metros High School Football Columbus Rankings as the season continues, and be sure to check out these talented teams in action on the field.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top 25 Ohio Metros high school football Columbus Rankings. As previously mentioned, this year has seen quite a bit of change in the Columbus Rankings, so it’s worth exploring how each team has moved up or down. Overall, the Ohio Metros high school football Columbus Rankings continue to shift as the season progresses. It will be interesting to see how each team performs in the coming weeks, and whether there will be any further changes in the Columbus Rankings.

Ohio Metros Columbus High School Football Rankings

Final Rankings as of 12/17/2022.

1# Lincoln (Gahanna)
2# New Albany
3# West Holmes (Millersburg)
4# Olentangy Liberty (Powell)
5# Upper Arlington (Columbus)
6# Pickerington Central (Pickerington)
7# Bloom-Carroll (Carroll)
8# Dublin Coffman (Dublin)
9# Westerville South (Westerville)
10# Bishop Watterson (Columbus)
11# Dublin Jerome (Dublin)
12# Pickerington North (Pickerington)
13# Harvest Prep (Canal Winchester)
14# Big Walnut (Sunbury)
15# Marysville
16# Hilliard Bradley (Hilliard)
17# St. Francis DeSales (Columbus)
18# Allen East (Harrod)
19# Hilliard Davidson (Hilliard)
20# Olentangy Orange (Lewis Center)
21# London
22# Grove City
23# Westerville Central (Westerville)
24# Fort Frye (Beverly)
25# Canal Winchester

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Note: These rankings are subject to change throughout the season based on team performance. Keep an eye out for updates and changes in the Ohio High School Football Rankings. MaxPreps Ranking


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