NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship | Carmel vs CBA Syracuse Live on December 3, 2023

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The NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship is a highly anticipated event in the world of high school sports. This year, the championship game featured two formidable teams: Carmel High School and Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) Syracuse. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the game, including the background of the teams, the run-up to the game, match highlights, key players, and the aftermath of the game.

Background: Carmel High School Football Team

Carmel High School’s football team has a rich history of success. In 2023, they stunned Arlington to win their third consecutive Section 1 Class AA title. The team, under the leadership of Coach Tom Donahoe, showed remarkable resilience and strategic brilliance, overcoming a previous defeat to Arlington earlier in the season. Their victory over Arlington was a testament to their ability to adapt and improve, setting the stage for their appearance in the NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship.


Carmel High School’s football team has a track record of impressive achievements. They are three-time reigning Section 1 champions. In 2021, they won their first-ever state championship, defeating Section 6 champion Bennett in the NYSPHSAA Class AA final. This victory also marked the first-ever state championship for any high school football team based in Putnam County.

Background: CBA Syracuse High School Football Team

Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) Syracuse’s football team is another powerhouse in high school sports. They demonstrated their mettle by earning a 21-8 win over defending state champion Bennett from Section VI, despite facing distractions during the game.


CBA Syracuse’s football team has a strong record of accomplishments. They earned the New York State Public High School Athletic Association’s Scholar-Athlete School of Distinction Award, with all 26 varsity teams achieving a cumulative GPA of 90 percent or higher during their sports season. They were also league champions in football.

The Run-up to the Game

In the run-up to the NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship, both teams demonstrated their prowess. Carmel defeated Christian Brothers Academy of Albany in the Class AA East Semifinal, earning their second state final appearance in three seasons. On the other hand, CBA Syracuse secured their spot in the championship by maintaining an undefeated record.

Match Highlights

The championship game was a thrilling encounter. Carmel emerged victorious with a 35-27 win over CBA Syracuse. The game was available for viewing on YouTube.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

Carmel’s victory was a team effort, but some players stood out. Christian Nunez, the quarterback, threw for 94 yards and ran for 62 yards, scoring a touchdown. Tristan Werlau, a junior running back, rushed for 57 yards, scored a touchdown, and also returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

The Aftermath

The victory further cemented Carmel’s reputation as a formidable force in high school football. It marked their second state championship win in three seasons, demonstrating their consistent performance and ability to compete at the highest level.

The Larger Significance

The NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship is more than just a game. It’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship of high school athletes. For Carmel, the victory was a significant achievement that reflected their commitment to excellence. For CBA Syracuse, despite the loss, their performance throughout the season demonstrated their resilience and competitiveness.


The NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship was a thrilling encounter between two top high school football teams. Carmel’s victory was a testament to their strategic brilliance, resilience, and team spirit. Despite the loss, CBA Syracuse demonstrated their competitiveness and sportsmanship. Both teams have a lot to be proud of, and their performances in the championship will be remembered for years to come.


Q: Where was the NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship held?
A: The championship was held at the JMA Wireless Dome.

Q: Who won the NYSPHSAA Class AA Football Championship?
A: Carmel High School won the championship.

Q: Who were the key players in the championship game?
A: Christian Nunez and Tristan Werlau were key players for Carmel.

Q: What was the final score of the game?
A: The final score was 35-27 in favor of Carmel.


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