Friendship Chr vs MTCS Championship Live HS Football on November 30, 2023

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The highly anticipated high school football game between Friendship Christian High School and Middle Tennessee Christian School (MTCS) is set to take place on November 30, 2023. This matchup showcases the immense talent and athleticism of these star teams, with both schools having a history of success on the field.

In this article, we will delve into the background of each team, the run-up to the game, match highlights, key players and performance analysis, the aftermath, the larger significance, and frequently asked questions.

Background: Friendship Christian High School Football Team


Friendship Christian High School, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, has a strong football program with a history of success. The team has won four state championships (2022, 2017, 2012, and 2011) and has been state runners-up six times (2022, 2018, 2017, 2012, 2011, and 2006).

Background: MTCS High School Football Team


Middle Tennessee Christian School, located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has also had a successful football program. The team reached the Division II-A BlueCross Bowl for the first time in history with a 35-27 win over Columbia Academy in the 2023 state semifinals.

The Run-up to the Game

In the 2023 season, both Middle Tennessee Christian and Friendship Christian have proven themselves as top contenders within the D2-Class A level, setting up an exciting meeting in the state championship game. MTCS defeated Friendship Christian 16-14 during Week 6 of the season.

Match Highlights

The match highlights will be available after the game on various platforms, such as YouTube.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

Middle Tennessee Christian’s key player is running back Eli Wilson, who had 220 yards rushing and three touchdowns in their semifinal win against Columbia Academy. Friendship Christian’s key players include quarterback Karson Moss, running back Tyson Wolcott, and offensive lineman Kaden Buchanan.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the game will be discussed once the match has concluded.

The Larger Significance

This game holds significant importance for both schools and their communities, as it showcases the talent and dedication of the student-athletes and coaching staff. The outcome of the game will also determine the state champion for the D2-Class A level.


The Friendship Christian vs. MTCS high school football game promises to be an exciting and competitive matchup between two talented teams. With a history of success and a passionate fan base supporting each school, this game is sure to be a memorable event for all involved.


Q: When is the Friendship Christian vs. MTCS high school football game?
A: The game is scheduled for November 30, 2023.

Q: Where can I watch the game?
A: The game may be available for streaming on various platforms, such as YouTube.

Q: What are the key players to watch in this game?
A: Key players to watch include Eli Wilson from Middle Tennessee Christian and Karson Moss, Tyson Wolcott, and Kaden Buchanan from Friendship Christian.


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