Ferndale vs Willits Championship Live HS Football on November 24, 2023

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The Ferndale vs Willits high school football game is a much-anticipated event, pitting two teams with rich histories and impressive records against each other. This article will delve into the background of both teams, the run-up to the game, match highlights, key players and performance analysis, the aftermath, and the larger significance of the game.

Background: Ferndale High School Football Team

Ferndale High School’s football team, known as the Golden Eagles, has a storied history. Since 1959, the team has an overall record of 403-183, demonstrating a strong tradition of success. The team has also made it to the state championship three times, winning once. Some of the team’s notable players include Jake Locker, the all-time passing leader with 3,716 yards, and Robert Davis, the all-time rushing leader with 4,420 yards. The team’s winningest coach is Vic Randall, with 137 wins. In recent years, the team has continued to perform well, with several league championships and playoff appearances, including a state championship.

Background: Willits High School Football Team

Willits High School’s football team, the Wolverines, has also had a strong performance in recent games. The team has had several victories against other high schools, including Kelseyville High School, Berean Christian High School, and Upper Lake High School. The school’s commitment to academic excellence is matched by its athletics programs, which are highly regarded within the state.

The Run-up to the Game

In the run-up to the game, both teams were in top form, with Ferndale coming off a string of league championships and playoff appearances, and Willits having a series of victories against other high schools.

Match Highlights

Unfortunately, the search results do not provide specific highlights from the Ferndale vs Willits game. However, full game highlights can be found on YouTube.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

The search results do not provide specific information on key players and their performance in the Ferndale vs Willits game. However, it’s worth noting that both teams have produced exceptional players in the past, such as Jake Locker and Robert Davis from Ferndale.

The Aftermath

The search results do not provide information on the aftermath of the Ferndale vs Willits game.

The Larger Significance

The Ferndale vs Willits game is more than just a high school football match. It’s a showcase of the talent and hard work of young athletes, a testament to the dedication of the coaches and the support of the community. It’s a part of the rich tradition of high school football, a tradition that has produced many world-class athletes.


The Ferndale vs Willits high school football game is a highlight of the season, bringing together two teams with strong track records and a passion for the game. While the final score is important, the true value of these games lies in the experience they provide for the young athletes: the thrill of competition, the camaraderie of a team, and the lessons learned both on and off the field.


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