Canyon Del Oro vs Yuma Catholic Championship Live HS Football on December 01, 2023

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As the anticipation builds for the upcoming high school football game between Canyon Del Oro and Yuma Catholic, fans are eagerly awaiting a clash of titans under the Friday night lights.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to watch the game, along with a detailed analysis of both teams, their achievements, key players, and the larger significance of the match.

Background: Canyon Del Oro High School Football Team

Canyon del Oro High School, located in Oro Valley, Arizona, has a rich history in football. The school has consistently registered among the highest standardized test scores in Arizona and has been consistently designated as “Excelling” by the Arizona Department of Education.


The Canyon del Oro football team, also known as the Dorados, has had a successful run in recent years. In the 2023 season, they have maintained an undefeated record, with significant victories against Mica Mountain High School (23-7), Arizona College Prep High School (33-27), and Poston Butte High School (45-20). The Dorados are now headed to the 4A state title game, marking their first appearance in the state championship game since 2010.

Background: Yuma Catholic High School Football Team

Yuma Catholic High School, located in Yuma, Arizona, is another powerhouse in high school football.


The Yuma Catholic Shamrocks have also had a strong season in 2023, with notable victories against Eastmark High School (28-13) and Peoria High School (40-6). They are now set to face Canyon del Oro in the 4A state championship game.

The Run-up to the Game

The upcoming game between Canyon del Oro and Yuma Catholic is set to be a thrilling showdown. Both teams have shown remarkable prowess throughout the season, earning their spots in the AIA State Football Championships – Conference 4A. The game is scheduled to take place on December 1, 2023, at Arizona State’s Mountain America Stadium, with kickoff at 4 p.m.

Match Highlights

As the match details are not available at the time of writing, fans can expect a high-intensity game given the undefeated records of both teams this season.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

For Canyon del Oro, senior Kayden Luke has been a standout player, having rushed for 169 yards on 32 carries with three touchdowns in the semifinal game against Mica Mountain. Chase Laux, the senior free safety/wide receiver, was named Region Defensive Player of the Year for the second straight year.

On the Yuma Catholic side, quarterback Nash Ott has been instrumental in leading the Shamrocks to the 4A state championship game.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the game will undoubtedly have significant implications for both teams. The winner will not only claim the 4A state championship but also cement their place in Arizona high school football history.

The Larger Significance

This game holds larger significance as it represents the culmination of a season of hard work, dedication, and teamwork for both teams. It’s also a testament to the high level of talent and competitiveness in Arizona high school football.


The Canyon Del Oro vs Yuma Catholic game promises to be a thrilling encounter between two top-performing teams. As fans eagerly await the kickoff, the anticipation continues to build. Regardless of the outcome, this game is sure to be remembered for its high stakes, standout performances, and the spirit of competition.


Q: When is the Canyon Del Oro vs Yuma Catholic game?
A: The game is scheduled for December 1, 2023.

Q: Where will the game be held?
A: The game will be held at Arizona State’s Mountain America Stadium.

Q: What time does the game start?
A: The game is scheduled to kick off at 4 p.m.

Q: How can I watch the game?
A: The game can be watched on platforms that broadcast high school football games. Specific details may vary, so it’s recommended to check local listings.


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