Why South Range (Canfield) is the Best Ohio High School Football Team

When it comes to Ohio High School Football, South Range (Canfield) is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the state. Year after year they have proven themselves to be a powerhouse, with a long list of championships and accolades to back it up. From their talented coaches to their hard-working players, South Range (Canfield) stands out as a top-notch program. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why South Range (Canfield) is considered to be the best Ohio High School Football team.

They have won the most championships

When it comes to why South Range (Canfield) is the best Ohio high school football team, there’s no question that their championship record speaks for itself. Since their first state title in 2003, South Range (Canfield) have earned eight Division VII titles, including three in a row from 2011-2013. This impressive feat puts them among the top teams in the state of Ohio when it comes to championship wins. With this kind of success, it’s easy to see why South Range (Canfield) is considered one of the best high school football teams in the state. They have a winning tradition that has been established over the years, and they continue to strive for greatness each season.

They have produced the most NFL players

The South Range (Canfield) football program has produced the most NFL players of any Ohio high school team. This is a testament to the quality of the program, which consistently produces players who are highly sought after by college and professional teams alike. The coaches at South Range have an impressive track record of developing players and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the highest levels of the sport.
Players from South Range have been drafted by NFL teams over the years, with six players having made it to the highest level of football. The impressive list of South Range alumni who have gone on to play in the NFL includes wide receiver Andre Reed, running back Eddie George, offensive tackle Joe Thomas, cornerback Will Blackmon, tight end Jordan Cameron, and defensive end Chris Smith.
The success of these former South Range players shows why the school’s program is one of the best in Ohio and why it is so highly regarded by coaches, scouts, and fans alike. With a long list of successful alumni and an emphasis on developing talent, it’s no wonder why South Range is Why The Best Ohio High School Football team.

They have the most passionate fans

The fan base of South Range (Canfield) is unlike any other in Ohio. No other school has such an enthusiastic, dedicated, and loyal fan base. This devotion and enthusiasm is a major part of why they are the best Ohio high school football team.
The fans of South Range (Canfield) show up in droves to every game, no matter where it is located. They are always there to cheer on their team and give them the support they need to win. Their chants and cheers can be heard throughout the stadium and they always bring a great atmosphere to the game.
South Range (Canfield) also has a great tradition when it comes to their fans. Many of the same families have been cheering for the team for generations, passing down the love for their team from one generation to the next. This strong sense of community adds even more to the atmosphere and makes the games even more enjoyable for everyone involved.
When it comes to Ohio high school football teams, it’s clear that South Range (Canfield) has the most passionate fan base. Their unwavering support and dedication are part of why they are considered the best in the state.

They have the best coaching staff

When it comes to Ohio high school football, South Range (Canfield) has the best coaching staff. The coaching staff consists of talented and experienced coaches who have won numerous championships. Their head coach is Jeremy Bryant, who has coached at South Range since 2006 and won two state championships in 2008 and 2015. Under his guidance, the team has consistently finished near the top of their division and made the playoffs every year.
The coaching staff has also developed a number of successful NFL players such as Jerod Mayo, Devin Smith and Darnell Johnson. All of these players credit their success to the coaching staff for their ability to teach them the fundamentals of the game and push them to be their best.
South Range’s coaching staff understands the importance of having the right system in place in order to win championships. The staff works hard to make sure that the players are physically and mentally prepared for each game and season. They strive to ensure that the team is disciplined, organized, and focused on the ultimate goal of winning championships.
At South Range, the coaching staff is more than just a group of people teaching football; they are mentors and role models for the players. They have created an environment of camaraderie and team spirit where everyone is valued and respected. As a result, South Range (Canfield) is one of the best Ohio high school football teams in the state.


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