Why is St. Edward (Lakewood) High School Football Ranked #1 in Ohio?

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St. Edward (Lakewood) High School football has earned the #1 ranking in Ohio this season, and there are a few key factors that have led to this impressive achievement. From their hardworking coaches and dedicated athletes, to their supportive fans and community, St. Edward (Lakewood) High School football has become a powerhouse program. In this blog post, we will explore why St. Edward (Lakewood) High School football is currently ranked #1 in Ohio.

A Tradition of Excellence

St. Edward (Lakewood) High School has been a powerhouse in Ohio football for decades. Established in 1920, the school’s football team has long held a reputation for excellence and success. This tradition of excellence has only been strengthened by the numerous championships and state titles that the team has won over the years. It’s no wonder then, why St. Edward (Lakewood) High School is currently ranked as the number one team in Ohio. The school’s commitment to success, both on and off the field, has led to their incredible winning streak. From working hard in the classroom to preparing intensely on the field, the Eagles have worked diligently to build a legacy of excellence that is unparalleled in Ohio high school football.

A Winning Attitude

St. Edward (Lakewood) High School football team’s winning attitude is contagious and a big part of their success. The Eagles are dedicated to developing a culture of excellence, hard work, and determination. Every player understands the importance of giving their best effort and every coach demands it. The team has a positive and encouraging atmosphere and team unity that is undeniable. There is no room for ego or selfishness on this team; each player knows they have to do their part in order to reach success. The team works together to lift each other up and they never give up or accept failure. This winning attitude is what sets them apart and allows them to achieve greatness year after year.

Superior Coaching

St. Edward (Lakewood) High School Football has been under the leadership of Head Coach Tom Lombardo for the past eight years. During his time as head coach, Coach Lombardo has instilled a winning attitude in his players and created an atmosphere of excellence within the program. He has also developed a strong coaching staff, filled with experienced and dedicated coaches who share his passion for the game. His approach is to emphasize fundamentals and hard work in order to develop well-rounded football players. Coach Lombardo’s record speaks for itself – under his guidance, St. Edward (Lakewood) High School Football has become one of the best programs in Ohio.

A Passion for the Game

The players and coaches of St. Edward (Lakewood) High School Football have an undeniable passion for the game. The culture of hard work, dedication, and camaraderie is evident in the team’s commitment to excellence on and off the field. The team is driven to perform their best and they take pride in every win and every challenge that they face. The sense of pride that the players and coaches have for their school is what sets them apart and has helped them reach their number one ranking in Ohio. The team has a strong sense of unity and works together to achieve their goals on the field. Every member of the St. Edward (Lakewood) team plays an important role in creating a winning environment and pushing each other to succeed. It’s this kind of passion and drive that has helped make St. Edward (Lakewood) High School Football the top-ranked team in Ohio.

A Supportive Community

At St. Edward (Lakewood) High School, football is a major part of the school culture. It is supported by students, alumni, parents, teachers, and other members of the community. Many of the school’s traditions center around the football program and its success. The school has hosted a variety of fundraisers for the football team, including team dinners, auctions, and car washes. The football team also participates in community events throughout the year, such as parades and festivals. By showing their support for the football program, the community helps create a positive atmosphere that encourages players to do their best. This supportive community is one of the reasons why St. Edward (Lakewood) High School Football is ranked #1 in Ohio.


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