Top 25 Ohio Division VII High School Football Rankings

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) is responsible for organizing and conducting high school football in the state of Ohio. Each year, the association releases the official Division VII Ohio High School Football Top 25 Rankings. These Top 25 Rankings are a crucial tool for football coaches, players, and fans alike. They provide insight into how well teams are performing in the season and give an idea of who may be a contender for the state championship.

One of the primary benefits of the Division VII Ohio High School Football Top 25 Rankings is that they give teams and coaches a target to aim for. Coaches can use the Top 25 Rankings to motivate their players and push them to work harder, knowing that a higher ranking will increase their chances of making it to the playoffs and eventually winning the championship. For players, the Top 25 Rankings can serve as a source of pride, and being ranked high can boost team morale and inspire them to continue improving.

The Top 25 Rankings also help fans stay up to date with the latest results and developments in the season. They can track how their favorite teams are performing and can use the Top 25 Rankings to make predictions about who may make it to the playoffs or win the championship. Additionally, the Top 25 Rankings provide a platform for discussion and debate among fans, adding to the excitement and passion of the sport.

  • Final Rankings as of 12/17/2022.

1# New Bremen
2# Lima Central Catholic (Lima)
3# McComb
4# John F. Kennedy Catholic (Warren)
5# Fort Loramie
6# Minster
7# Ansonia
8# Antwerp
9# Newark Catholic (Newark)
10# St. John’s (Delphos)
11# Pandora-Gilboa (Pandora)
12# Gibsonburg
13# Jefferson (Delphos)
14# Danville
15# Southern (Salineville)
16# Lucas
17# Riverside (De Graff)
18# Lowellville
19# Springfield (New Middletown)
20# Ayersville (Defiance)
21# Mechanicsburg
22# Leipsic
23# St. Paul (Norwalk)
24# Hillsdale (Jeromesville)
25# River (Hannibal)

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Overall, the Division VII Ohio High School Football Top 25 Rankings are an essential component of the Ohio high school football season. They provide benefits to coaches, players, and fans, helping to keep everyone informed and engaged with the sport. As the season progresses, fans and teams alike will eagerly await the updated Top 25 Rankings to see how they stack up against their competitors and who will emerge as the top teams in Division VII.

Knowing the state Ohio Division VII High School Football Top 25 Rankings is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it gives fans a clear idea of where their team stands in the competitive landscape. With the Top 25 Rankings updated weekly, it helps fans track their team’s progress and anticipate upcoming games.

Secondly, coaches and players also benefit from understanding the Top 25 Rankings. It gives them a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of their team, as well as their opponents. This knowledge can inform practice strategies and game plans, leading to better performance on the field.

Additionally, college recruiters often pay attention to the Ohio Division VII High School Football Top 25 Rankings. If a player’s team is highly ranked, it indicates they are likely to be a skilled player worth considering for scholarship opportunities. By staying up-to-date with the Top 25 Rankings, players can potentially improve their chances of being recruited by top college programs.

Overall, keeping an eye on the state Ohio Division VII High School Football Top 25 Rankings is important for fans, coaches, players, and even recruiters. It can provide valuable insights into the competitive landscape, and inform strategic decisions that can help teams succeed on the field.



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