OSSAA 2A Football Championship Washington Vs Millwood Live on December 9, 2023

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The OSSAA 2A Football Championship is set to be an exciting showdown between Washington High School and Millwood High School. Both teams have had impressive seasons, and the anticipation for this game is at an all-time high.

In this article, we will delve into the background of both teams, the run-up to the game, match highlights, key players and performance analysis, the aftermath, the larger significance, and conclude with some frequently asked questions.

Background: Washington High School Football Team


Washington High School has had a dominating season, outscoring their opponents 657-100. They won their second football championship in school history and first since 1996 last season, defeating Millwood 17-14.

Background: Millwood High School Football Team


Millwood High School has had an impressive season, with a 13-1 record. They have won 7 state championships in their history, with the most recent one in 2017.

The Run-up to the Game

Both teams have had strong performances leading up to the championship game. Washington defeated Jones 35-34 in the semifinals, while Millwood secured a stunning victory against Kiefer with a score of 34-29.

Match Highlights

To watch the OSSAA 2A Football Championship between Washington and Millwood, you can tune in to the live stream on YouTube.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

Some key players to watch in the championship game include Tanner Winlock from Washington, who will make his 20th playoff start. For Millwood, Jaden Nickens has been a standout player, scoring the game-winning touchdown in the semifinals against Kiefer.

The Aftermath

The outcome of the championship game will determine which team takes home the OSSAA 2A Football Championship title. Both teams have a lot at stake, with Washington looking to defend their title and Millwood seeking to reclaim the championship after their 2017 victory.

The Larger Significance

This championship game is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both teams, their coaches, and their communities. The game serves as an opportunity for these young athletes to showcase their skills and sportsmanship on a larger stage.


The OSSAA 2A Football Championship between Washington and Millwood promises to be an exciting and hard-fought game. With both teams having impressive seasons and a history of success, the anticipation for this matchup is high. Be sure to tune in to the live stream to catch all the action and witness which team will emerge as the champion.


Q: When and where is the OSSAA 2A Football Championship game between Washington and Millwood?

A: The game will take place on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Chad Richison Stadium.

Q: How can I watch the OSSAA 2A Football Championship game between Washington and Millwood?

A: You can watch the live stream of the game on YouTube.


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