La Jolla vs San Diego Championship Live HS Football on November 25, 2023

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The highly anticipated high school football game between La Jolla High School and San Diego High School is just around the corner. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the teams, key players, and how to watch the game. So, get ready for an exciting match-up between these two talented teams!

Background: La Jolla High School Football Team


La Jolla High School’s football team, the Vikings, has had a successful season, with notable victories against Rancho Bernardo High School (42-14), Central High School (28-22), and Christian High School (49-19). They have also won the Eastern League title.

Background: San Diego High School Football Team


San Diego High School’s football team, the Cavers, has also had a strong season, with wins against Clairemont High School (53-15), Canyon Hills High School (35-21), and Kearny High School (34-28).

The Run-up to the Game

Both teams have been preparing for this match-up, with La Jolla coming off a five-game winning streak and San Diego High School having a solid season overall. The anticipation for this game is high, as both teams have shown their prowess on the field.

Match Highlights

To watch the highlights of the La Jolla Vikings’ previous games, visit their MaxPreps page. For San Diego Cavers’ highlights, visit their MaxPreps page as well.

Key Players and Performance Analysis

Some key players for La Jolla High School include Jackson Diehl, Wyatt Boczanowski, Aidan McGill, and Rowan Clark. For San Diego High School, watch out for Jayden Ponce, Jerry Apodaca, Tuhlon Duncan, and Miles Johnson.

The Aftermath

The outcome of this game will have a significant impact on both teams’ standings and playoff prospects. Be sure to stay tuned for post-game analysis and reactions from players and coaches.

The Larger Significance

This game is not only about the rivalry between the two schools but also a showcase of the talent and dedication of high school athletes in the San Diego area. It serves as an inspiration for younger athletes and a testament to the importance of sports in fostering teamwork, discipline, and personal growth.


Don’t miss the exciting match-up between La Jolla High School and San Diego High School. Keep an eye on the key players and enjoy the thrilling competition between these two talented teams.


Q: When is the La Jolla vs San Diego High School football game?
A: The date of the game is not provided in the search results. Please check the schools’ websites or local news for the most up-to-date information.

Q: How can I watch the La Jolla vs San Diego High School football game?
A: The search results do not provide a specific platform for watching the game. However, you can check YouTube and Instagram for possible live streams or updates on the game.


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